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Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
least in pretoria in south africa tonight paul simon handy is that director resets at the institute for security studies good evening to you as well but it only gets to our panel. we've got an exclusive false report from the central african republic i can inspire a t agnew and pride of advent. nepal is voiced by mark thompson in the news. the sound of sporadic gunfire the above rates around on. central african republic capsule has been under siege since sunday morning. nearby the sound of heavy artillery. government officials say christian must resume oil to ousted former presidents will swell was easy. a behind the attack central african multinational forces patrol the streets alongside full masonic or rebels. otherwise the streets are empty the only double room asked the parties of dozens killed in the fighting. awaiting to be transported. residents here remain on edge. many carry machetes and guns the weekend and not greasy we a muslims. it's a question of religion the question of if the city or anything. these countries at where it belongs to all of us. if you don't understand t
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
incredible outpouring of paul's think it's marc perlman is covering africa summit that is taking place. marc. you've covered many summit before. you really get a sense that this one is different in that regard. they instantly became a difference. overnight then kaylee. maybe but so has been hanging over this the summit which was supposed to discuss very concrete the issues like you know peace and security peace. you know in development and peace and climate change. however now it'll change though because suddenly you had to have the head of the year ahead of the south african delegation make a speech in which the mysticism of the head of the african union peace commission. and so clearly this was the surprise since some delegates were telling him the core doors that a new way. the death of mandela pushed aside many of the debates that were supposed to take place here honestly no one was complaining about that and everyone what was sad but simply the french did not expect this to happen the defense doesn't pay tribute to mandela of the flats were at house mouse and we use the giant pictures o
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
protest is to enter the compound of government buildings. and paul shaw read on the balcony to check into it gets six years in jail. ordering the acid attack in which the artistic director was always going to. to ukraine where the prime minister says he's ready for donald for apologizing to the use of police force against protest is this a day of the saying their actions sparked by the president by tracking on a trade deal with the eu amounted to pick it up added the opposition sought to force the resignation of the government with a no confidence votes but failed to show bones silk reports. i signed the parliament building prisons of protesters demanding the government's resignation just a fraction of the hundreds of cousins encountered over the last weeks. inside parliament the opposition didn't have the support he needed hundred and eighty six entries posted in favor of the no confidence motion. well short of the two hundred and twenty six required for it to pounce. or that those opposition and peace islam to answer that for being too cool to mild go it speaks to me she woul
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3